Monday, July 20, 2015

Sod Restoration Completed

This past week, the landscape contractor completed final grading and installation of topsoil. The contractor also installed the sod along Dewes Street from Lincoln Street to Harlem Avenue. The contractor will continue to water the newly installed sod until it takes root and a healthy stand of grass is established.

Due to weather delays earlier in the week and wanting to have the sod installed prior to the installing the final layer of asphalt pavement, the asphalt paving was delayed.

The final lift of asphalt pavement is now scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd. Cars will not be allowed to park on the street when the final layer of asphalt pavement is installed. Prior to the asphalt paving, a thin layer of oil will be installed over the previously installed asphalt pavement. “Fresh Oil” signs will be installed once the oil is placed. Please do not follow the truck as it is spraying the oil because it can spray on your car. After a few minutes, the oil will dry and you will be able to drive on it. We request that you drive slowly to prevent oil from getting on your car to the greatest extend possible.  Once the asphalt pavement is installed, we request you do not drive on your driveway for a few hours to allow the pavement to cool and prevent oil being tracked on your concrete or brick driveways.

Also this week, the contractor will begin final roadway cleaning and work in preparation for the asphalt paving.

Thanks again for all your cooperation.