Saturday, March 21, 2015

Underground Improvements on Henley and Dewes Started

Work Completed Last Week:
·         Dewes Street between Washington Street and Harlem Avenue:
    • Installed water main
    • Installed sanitary sewer service 
    • Installed storm sewer
  • Henley Street between Elm Street and Spruce Street
    • Installed sanitary sewer mainline
    • Began installing sanitary sewer services
  • Connected existing water main to new water main at east end of Linneman Street near church, scheduled for Saturday, March 21st.
Work Anticipated Next Week:
  • Dewes Street between Elm Street and Washington Street
    • Install sanitary sewer mainline
  • Henley Street between Elm Street and Spruce Street
    • Anticipated to complete sanitary sewer service lines to all residents.
Thank you for all your patience and understanding to those residents who were affected by the water main shut down while the connection between the new and existing water mains was completed at the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Dewes Street.  

There is also a scheduled water main shut down along Linneman Street from the east end (near the railroad tracks) to Harlem Avenue on Saturday, March 21st. Residents will be notified by the Village Water Department if you water service will be disrupted. This will allow the new water main to be connected to the existing system on the east side of the project. The work is being performed on Saturday to accommodate the day care center located within the church. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.