Friday, December 5, 2014

Storm Sewer in Dewes/Henley Alley to Continue

The last few weeks the contractor has been trying to get as much of the project completed as possible prior to the construction season ending. The cold weather we experienced over the past few weeks came a little sooner than expected. Nonetheless, all the work anticipated to be completed was done.

The asphalt surface was installed on Henley Street from Lehigh Avenue to Elm Street prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday. At the same time temporary asphalt surface was installed along Elm Street and Dewes Street. This work was completed just as some of the asphalt plants were closing for the season.

The contractor worked this past week along the project site performing a lot of miscellaneous tasks and clean-up work. Work included pouring benches in manholes, installing chimney seals in manholes, reinstalling street signs, removing debris from catch basins and inlets, grading landscape along Elm Street and Dewes, and removing equipment from the job site. The concrete contractor also applied a protective coating to all the concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, and driveways.

The contractor also began working on the storm sewer in the backyard alley between Henley Street and Dewes Street. The contractor performed the tree removal and trimming to allow access to the site. The contractor also began stripping the topsoil from the work area.

Work yet to be completed this construction season includes:
·         Install storm sewer in back-yard alley between Henley Street and Dewes Street
·         Install water main at the east end of Linnenman Street near the railroad tracks.
·         Internal televising of storm sewers and sanitary sewers.
·         Patching of the temporary asphalt along Dewes Street.
·         Pavement Markings
·         Continued Site Clean-Up.

Work to be completed in the Spring of 2015 includes:
·         Roadway reconstruction of Dewes Street and Elm Street: Includes new aggregate base course, concrete curb & gutter, and asphalt pavement
·         Landscape Restoration: Any areas that were not fully landscaped will be restored with topsoil and sod.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding through this construction season. It was greatly appreciated.