Monday, November 17, 2014

Underground Utility Improvements Wrapping Up. Landscape Restoration On-Going

Following the completion of the concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, and driveways the week of November 3rd, the contractor continued with the roadway reconstruction of Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street.

Last week, the first two layers of asphalt pavement were installed on Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street.

The contractor also continued with landscape grading, installing topsoil, and laying sod along Henley Street from Lehigh Avenue to Elm Street. The contractor will continue with landscape restoration this week with the hopes of having all the sod installed by the end of the week in this area. The sod will be evaluated again in the spring to ensure a healthy stand of grass is established and repair any areas that have settled.

DiMeo Brothers also excavated to raise manholes within the pavement to match the new asphalt surface level once it is completed.

The concrete contractor, Landmark Construction, was on-site pouring concrete sidewalks along Elm Street and Dewes Street. This was the last of the concrete work along the project for the year. The remaining concrete work will be completed in the Spring of 2015.

Once the required approvals were received to place the water main along Dewes Street into service, DiMeo began installing water services from Elm Street to Spruce Street. These will be the last water services to be installed along the project for this year.

This week, the sewer crew is anticipating to complete the remaining underground utility work along Dewes Street. This work will include the completion of water services, connections between the existing water main and the new water main, and installation of storm sewer catch basins and inlets.

The final water main shut-downs for the season are anticipated to be completed this week in order to make connections between the existing water main system and new water main system. The connections will occur at the intersection of Dewes Street and Elm Street as well as the intersection of Dewest Street and Spruce Street. Residents will be notified prior to the water main being turned off and service is disrupted.

Last week, the fencing contractor installed the chain link fence around the playground at Glenview Unite Methodist Church as well as the privacy on the south end of the detention pond.

The final lift of asphalt surface along Henley Street is currently scheduled for the Monday or Tuesday prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday, November 24th or 25th.  Prior to the final asphalt surface being installed, the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Henley Avenue will have the surface of the asphalt pavement milled. This will leave approximately a 2-inch bump in the roadway until the surface is completed. Signage will be installed to warn of the uneven pavement.

The storm sewer through the backyard “alley” south of Dewes Street will be completed after the Thanksgiving Holiday, likely the 1st or 2nd week of December.

The roadway reconstruction of Elm Street and Dewes Street will not be completed this construction season, but will be done early next year. Once the underground utility work is completed along these streets, the roadways will be graded and a 2-inch lift of asphalt will be installed over the entire roadway. This will provide a temporary driving surface during the winter months and allow for easier snow-plowing.  The temporary pavement will be evaluated throughout the winter months and any areas that fail will be repaired. Temporary asphalt will also be installed in any disturbed driveways and sidewalks.

The work to be completed in the spring will include removal of the temporary asphalt surface, excavation of the existing roadway, installation of new aggregate base materials, concrete curb & gutter, driveway restoration, concrete sidewalks at the intersections, asphalt pavement, and landscape restoration.

As evident by the falling temperatures, the construction season is nearing an end. The contractor is still committed to ensure the schedule items of work are completed prior the end of the season.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding throughout the entire construction process, it has been greatly appreciated. We do understand what a huge inconvenience living in and around a construction site can be. We hope you are satisfied with the end result as the asphalt pavement and landscape restoration is being completed.