Sunday, November 2, 2014

Concrete Curb & Gutter This Week.

The roadway reconstruction of Henley Street continued throughout last week. The work included excavating the existing roadway and installing new aggregate base course from Washington Street west towards Elm Street. It is anticipated that the roadway excavation and aggregate base course installation along Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street will be completed by this Tuesday.

This week the concrete curb & gutter is scheduled to be installed along Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street. The anticipated schedule includes setting of string-line on Monday, November 3rd. Preparing the aggregate base and structure adjustments in the curb line on Tuesday. Pour concrete curb & gutter Wednesday. Pour concrete driveways and sidewalks on Thursday. We are requesting residents be out  of their driveways by 7:00 AM on Monday, November 3rd to facilitate this construction process. Residents will be out of their driveways until approximately November 12th. Residents are asked to park on the side streets during the normal working hours (7:00 AM to 5:00 PM), but will be allowed to park on the roadway in front of their homes during the overnight hours. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of significant  inconvenience.

The week of November 10th, the first two layers of asphalt binder are scheduled to be installed along Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street.

Last week, DiMeo Brothers continued with the underground water main improvements along Elm Street and Dewes Street. The contractor completed the water main installation on Elm Street from Henley to Dewes and along Dewes Street from Elm to Spruce. The water main installation for this construction season in now completed.

The contractor also performed the necessary testing and received and required approvals to begin installing water services on Elm Street from Henley Street to Dewes Street. These water services are currently scheduled to be installed this week.

The contractor also performed the connection between the existing water main system and the new water main system at the intersection of Henley Street and Washington Street on Saturday. Thank you for your patience while this water connection was made and your water services was disrupted.

Next week the contractor will perform the necessary testing and acquire needed approvals for the newly installed water main along Dewes Street from Elm Street to Spruce Street. Depending on timing of approvals, water services along Dewes Street may begin this week.

On Monday, a water main shut-down is anticipated to make connections between the existing water main system and new water main system at the intersection of Henley Street and Elm Street. Residents will be notified prior to the water main being turned off and service is disrupted.

This week water service installation will be completed on Elm Street between Henley Street and Dewes Street and may begin on Dewes Street between Elm Street and Spruce Street.  New water services will be installed from the new water main to the existing b-box within the Village right-of-way. New services will not be installed all the way to your home. During water service installation, water to individual homes will be turned off while the transition is made. Typically the water is turned off for 1-hour. The contractor will knock on the door of each home prior to turning off the water. It is difficult to determine the exact timing of the water shut-off; therefore, 24-hour notice is not given. The contractor will work with you to determine the best time to shut-off the water to the greatest extent possible.

Last week, the landscape contractor continued to work in the detention pond behind the Glenview Methodist Church and installed the grass seed and erosion blanket. The fence contractor also installed the split rail fence around the pond last week.

On Friday, October 31st  the contractor suspended all underground utility and roadway reconstruction operations in order to perform a significant amount of clean-up prior to Halloween.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!!