Friday, November 21, 2014

Asphalt Surface Pavimg Scheduled for Next Week.

This past week, the DiMeo Brothers completed the water services along Dewes Street and made the final connections between the existing water main system and the new water main system at the intersections of Dewes Street & Spruce Street and Dewes Street & Elm Street. The water main improvements are now 100% completed and there are no further water main shut-downs anticipated.

The contractor also continued to install the storm sewer catch basins and inlets along Dewes Street between Elm Street and Spruce Street. All the storm sewer improvements within the roadway should be completed by the end of the week.

The previously installed asphalt pavement was prepared for asphalt surface paving including sweeping and cleaning. The asphalt surface in the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Henley Street is scheduled to be milled on Saturday, November 22nd along with applying the tack coat on Henley Street and Lehigh Avenue in preparation for new asphalt surface. Other work completed this week included repairing a leak in the water main system, grading and installation of topsoil, laying sod, grading of the roadway in anticipation for temporary pavement, and manhole adjustments. The last of the sod has been installed along Lehigh Avenue and Henley Street for this season. Along Dewes Street and Elm Street, the landscape will be graded and topsoil will be installed for the winter months. Sod will be installed in the spring following the roadway reconstruction.

The final surface of asphalt pavement is scheduled to be completed on Monday, November 24th or Tuesday, November 25th, depending on work progress and weather conditions.

The roadway along Dewes Street and Elm Street will be graded and a temporary layer of asphalt installed for the winter months for easier snow-plowing and a better driving surface.

The week of December 1st, the contractor is anticipating to begin installing the storm sewer through the back-yard alley between Henley Street and Dewes Street west of Elm Street.