Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mainline Storm Sewer Completed for Entire Project. Pond Grading and Topsoil Installation Completed. Water Main work On-Going

This past week, DiMeo Brothers  completed the installation of the mainline 48-inch storm sewer and 8-inch sanitary sewer replacement to the mid-block of Dewes Street between Spruce and Elm. At this time, this is as far as the mainline sewers will be installed this year. This is the end of the storm sewer as designed. It was decided to stop the installation of the sanitary sewer at the same point for this year. Next year, when the roadway is reconstructed, the sanitary sewer replacement will be extended to the intersection of Dewes Street and Spruce Street.   

The water main crew continued to install water main along Henley Street from Washington Street to Elm Street. The water main crew also completed the necessary testing of the new water main along Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Washington Street. The necessary approvals were received this week to place the new water main into service and new water services were started to be installed.  

The contractor also continued to install sanitary sewer services and storm sewer services to each residence along Henley Street between Harlem Avenue and Elm Street.  

DiMeo Brothers also began removing the existing concrete sidewalks along Henley Street between Lehigh Avenue and Harlem Avenue. It is anticipated the concrete sidewalks will be framed and poured starting on Monday and Tuesday. Residents that will have restricted access to their driveways will be notified prior the driveway being closed.  

Mass grading and excavation operations within the detention pond south of Linneman Street and behind the Glenview Methodist Church are completed. Topsoil has also been graded and installed along the bottom and side berms of the pond. Next week, it is anticipated that the landscape contractor will begin to install new trees within the pond. The fencing contractor may also begin installing the chain link, split rail, and wooden privacy fences along the pond perimeter.  

Next week water service installation will continue on Henley Street between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street.  New water services will be installed from the new water main to the existing b-box within the Village right-of-way. New services will not be installed all the way to your home. During water service installation, water to individual homes will be turned off while the transition is made. Typically the water is turned off for 1-hour. The contractor will knock on the door of each home prior to turning off the water. It is difficult to determine the exact timing of the water shut-off; therefore, 24-hour notice is not given. The contractor will work with you to determine the best time to shut-off the water to the greatest extent possible.

Next week, the underground utility crews will continue to install sanitary sewer and storm sewer services between Harlem Avenue and Elm Street. The contractor will also install storm catch basins and inlet throughout the roadway and connect to the newly installed storm sewer. The inlets and catch basins will be the access points for the storm water to enter the new storm sewer system.

It is anticipated the contractor will complete the necessary testing on the newly installed water main along Henley Street between Washington Street and Elm Street also.

Also, next week, the contractor will begin the roadway excavation and preparation for concrete curb & gutter along Henley Street between Lehigh Avenue and Harlem Avenue. This is the start of the roadway reconstruction process in this block. Residents will be notified of any parking or driveway restrictions anticipated.

As you can tell, there continues to be a lot of activity with several crews working in different areas throughout the project site. The contractor is working diligently to get as much work completed as possible during this construction season. The work that is not completed will be completed next spring. As we get closer to the end of the season, we will be sure to keep you informed regarding the work to be completed this year, work to be completed next year, and measures taken during the winter months.