Monday, October 20, 2014

Asphalt Paving anticipated to be completed east of Harlem Avenue. Roadway Reconstruction to continue west of Harlem.

Last week, DiMeo Brothers continued with the underground storm, water, and sanitary sewer improvements along the project site. Work included installing inlets and catch basins on Henley Street, sanitary and storm sewer services along Elm Street and Dewes Street, and installation of water services on Henley Street between Washington Street and Elm Street.

This week the contractor will continue with water services along Henley Street between Lincoln Street and Elm Street. The contractor will also begin installing new water main along Elm Street from Henley Street to Dewes Street and, depending on work progress, may begin installing the water main along Dewes Street from Elm to Spruce.

This week water service installation will continue on Henley Street between Lincoln Street and Elm Street.  New water services will be installed from the new water main to the existing b-box within the Village right-of-way. New services will not be installed all the way to your home. During water service installation, water to individual homes will be turned off while the transition is made. Typically the water is turned off for 1-hour. The contractor will knock on the door of each home prior to turning off the water. It is difficult to determine the exact timing of the water shut-off; therefore, 24-hour notice is not given. The contractor will work with you to determine the best time to shut-off the water to the greatest extent possible.

Last week also saw the continuation of roadway reconstruction along Henley Street between Lehigh Avenue and Harlem Avenue and along Lehigh Avenue . Work included setting of string line for concrete curb & gutter, fine grading the aggregate under the proposed curb & gutter, and installation of the curb & gutter. The concrete crews also installed concrete sidewalks along Henley Street at the intersection of Harlem Avenue, concrete driveways, and concrete sidewalks previously removed between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street.

This week, the roadway reconstruction crew will begin backfilling behind the previously installed concrete curb & gutter and fine grading the aggregate base course. We are still waiting on a definite schedule, but the asphalt binder layers are anticipated to be installed along Henley Street from Lehigh Avenue to Harlem Avenue.

Also this week, the contractor may begin excavating and installing new aggregate base course as part of the roadway reconstruction along Henley Street between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street, with concrete curb & gutter anticipated the week of October 27th. Residents will be notified of the work progress and informed of any potential driveway restrictions prior to the work beginning.

No work was performed within the detention pond last week due to the rainy conditions. Landscape restoration and planting of trees is anticipated to begin this week. Timing of the fence installation is being determined to coordinate between the fencing contractor and landscape contractor.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the residents who live within or adjacent to the construction site for dealing with some difficult situations, especially this past week. The residents east of Harlem are without access to their driveways while the concrete curb & gutter is installed and are being very patient and understanding. All residents are dealing with sloppy roadway conditions due to the extensive amount of rain throughout the week. Several residents are without access to their driveways due to sidewalk removal and replacement between Harlem and Washington. Residents between Washington and Elm are dealing with disruptions to their water services while new services are installed. Residents in the 2200 block on Henley Street dealt with low water pressure due to a valve being mistakenly turned off. We understand living in and around a major construction site with lots of activity can be difficult and a huge disruption to your daily lives. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as you deal with these inconveniences. All parties are striving to get the project completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.