Friday, August 29, 2014

Work at Intersection of Henley Street and Lincoln Street Next Week

This past week, DiMeo Brothers  continued to install the 48-inch storm sewer and replace the existing 8-inch sanitary sewer along Henley Street between Washington Street and Lincoln Street.

Also last week, the contractor began installing the 48-inch storm sewer along Lehigh Avenue from Henley Street to the south, past Linneman Street, and to the proposed detention pond behind Glenview Methodist Church. It is anticipated this work will be completed early next week.

Mass grading and excavation operations within the proposed detention pond south of Linneman Street behind the Glenview Methodist Church are on-going. The contractor has shaped the southerly berm and south third of the detention pond and will begin re-spreading the existing topsoil.

Next week the contractor will continue moving west along Henley Street installing the new storm sewer and sanitary sewer and will likely get to the Lincoln Street intersection at the beginning of next week.

Once the crew working on the 48-inch storm sewer to the detention pond is completed, they will begin installing the new water main along Henley Street between Lehigh Avenue and Harlem Avenue. Residents will be notified prior to any scheduled water shut-downs.
Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!!!