Friday, August 15, 2014

Underground Utility Installation Continues along Henley Street

This past week, DiMeo Brothers  continued to install the 48-inch storm sewer and replace the existing 8-inch sanitary sewer along Henley Street from Harlem Avenue to Washington Street.

The major work completed last week was installing the new storm sewer and sanitary sewer through the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Henley Street.

We apologize for delaying the roadway closure on Monday due to weather conditions. We appreciate your understanding as we closed the intersection on Tuesday and Wednesday to facilitate this work. Thank you for using the posted detour on these days. A full roadway closure is not anticipated at this intersection for the remainder of the project; however, additional work will be performed within the intersection that may cause significant travel delays in the coming weeks.

Next week the contractor will continue moving west along Henley Street installing the new storm sewer and sanitary sewer at the same time between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street.

A second underground utility crew will begin working next week along Henley Street between Lehigh Avenue and Harlem Avenue. This crew will be installing the storm and sanitary sewer services to the residents along the block.  This crew will also install the storm sewer along Lehigh Avenue north of Henley Street. The contractor may also begin installing water main along Henley Street, starting at Lehigh Avenue. If this work is started and a water main shut down is required, residents will be notified prior  to the water being turned off.

The Village would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the intersection closure last week and throughout the project.