Friday, July 18, 2014

Construction to Begin Next Week, July 21st

This past week, the contractor began mobilizing equipment and making preparations for starting construction. The contractor installed a construction fence along Lehigh Avenue between Henley Street and Linneman Street. “No Parking” and construction signs were also installed along Henley Street and within the area in anticipation for the upcoming work.

Next week will start the major underground construction at Lehigh Avenue and Henley Street. The contractor will construct a temporary access road between Henley Street and Linneman Street. The contractor will then begin installing the first large underground structure associated with the storm sewer improvements.

Depending on the work progress, the contractor will begin installing the storm sewer going west along Henley Street from Lehigh Avenue to Harlem Avenue.

The contractor will continue to install the storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and new services along Henley Street from Lehigh Avenue to Harlem Avenue for the next few weeks.  Residents in the area will be able to utilize the temporary construction roadway for accessing their homes during the construction process.

The contractor is also anticipating to begin tree removals within the proposed detention pond behind the church this week.

As the construction work begins, the Village understands the impacts and inconveniences it has on the adjacent residents including dust, delays in getting around the area, and difficulty in getting to you homes. Please understand the Village will do everything possible to make the work progress a smoothly as possible to minimize these inconveniences.